The last 3.5 years of my life have been an extremely rich period of time and I will never forget it, the adventures, the love, the friends, the ups and downs.  I try not to focus on the downs, but I had my share.  It was something that was beautiful, true and real.

Today is a good day to be alive, the possibilities can be inspiring.  Today the sun comes up and starts a new beginning.  To give some background to yesterday, I have accomplished moving from Boston (loved the place) to my favorite city in the world. Speaking of world, I have traveled it, having come back from a trip to Kenya, United Kingdom, Ireland and California (and a day in Amsterdam).  I bought a house here while in Boston. While i was traveling back to my homeland for my birthday, My friend  and I looked at four houses in one day. The first house that I saw, I put an offer in on my birthday and got it. Some may say I am a bit crazy for the way I buy houses, and you may be right. This house is my passion right now, it is a beautiful old house built in 1887. The history of this house and the beauty in its bones run deep.  My work, has also granted me 3.5 months off of work, which I did not take for granted, and experienced life in many places seeing amazing works of man to impoverished drought stricken lands.

I started my job this week and I love that I work for a company that is named for a passion of mine. While it is a job that I like (and some dislike- it’s a corporation), I have yet to find a good work/life balance.  I have started taking meditation classes to help, but I know when the storms come, it will be a fight to keep a balanced life. My job has enabled me to lots of adventures, good pay, and a concrete field that I haven’t had to worry about being employed in. It also enables me to see into the lives of the homes people live in, and I find it fascinating. What other job can you get so intimately close with peoples homes and their lives that are sometimes opened  up to me?

Life minus the hurdle, has been very good, I feel very lucky and fortunate to have realized with this time of reflection. That part of me has been lost and I am finding it once more.  It is hard to analyze oneself, from being in a cocoon of a relationship. But the quest for happinness, is still a question that remains, this too will change.


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