Forgive you

I forgive you for:

  •  never telling me about this dream, we talked about many dreams before and this one never came up. But she told me if I knew her I would know this to be true.
  •  Getting excited about the men over there and having the desire to stray, I know how you have been influenced by your single friends (all having sex) and the environment there, morals aren’t what they are here.
  • Being stubborn, and not being able to see that men and women have differences and not willing to learn about them
  • Getting off birth control and having hormonal issues
  • Only being there for me out of guilt, and not truly being there for me when I had tough times.
  • Doing a 180 within a matter of a month, I hope to know someday what was the true catalyst

I had a hard time writing this, it has been breaking my heart, but I forgive you. You had a beautiful heart before you changed and will again, and I know that you will get back to your farm girl roots someday, it just will come too late for us.


One thought on “Forgive you

  1. Great post, the power of forgiveness can only help us to move forward quicker.

    When i forgave my last ex i knew one thing and that was that we weren’t on the same frequency or wave length (age, experience, maturity, mindset etc) – she did similar to what your ex did (same age too), that’s the beauty of Relationships i guess.

    In my times in RS if point 5 comes i usually either leave or tell them i don’t believe in breaks, breakup i find better than ‘breaks’ because then you avoid the leading on or stringing by the other half vice versa, as i call it ‘don’t let them be the priority while your their option’. I would give them 5-7 days tops to make their mind up.

    On the other hand letting them go ables them to see their actions much later while you get over it much quicker 🙂 Good luck with the moving forward, Jay

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