Moving on – part 2

So the last couple days have been amazing and I feel like they will continue. I found a way to unhandcuff me from uncertainty, and get some closure after a month plus of pain and being in my head .  As she has never really said that she has decided, but has stated her intention is that she wants to be there (in the 3rd world country). She had made no leaning in the direction of me or working with me to work on life’s opportunities together.  Before I was just trying to be comfortable with it through meditation. So I finally told her unless she chooses me and working together with me (via skype voicemail), then don’t contact me as it too painful. And you know what happened, I feel so liberated, free, and have stopped thinking about all the scenarios and have trully moved on. Not saying that I may not have my bumps in the future, but it been EXTREMELY helpful and I had a really good bump to my ego last night and opportunities are opening up!!!


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