Road ahead

Road ahead

Life has been more stable, I am not breaking down like I was. And since we stopped communicating, I have gotten two dates, one through a friend, one online. I thought I would give the online a go, it has been a long time, and I thought if nothing else it would fun. I am one of those people that actually likes dating, I find it interesting and don’t mind the awkwardness. Both of them are worldly ladies and I am half excited, one is from Ireland, but question whether i am fully ready to move on. I still look at the ex’s facebook, debating about blocking her just to stop doing it, and still don’t know what’s she’s decided upon, just assuming she is staying in the 3rd world country. She has 1 month left til her original flight was suppose to be back and she still has all her stuff at my place.

So here I am on a steady, good healthy path, not to say that i don’t have my hurdles I have to keep jumping over. I still think about her, and I am sure I will in the future. But My hand is on the steering wheel and I am looking forward, not in the rear view mirror, the former bumps in the road, the accidents.


3 thoughts on “Road ahead

  1. ‘I still look at the ex’s facebook, debating about blocking her just to stop doing it’

    I would advise to just not look at it, the less you log on to facebook the better. The more you get away from facebook and get out the better. Looking at her facebook especially if something appears on her profile will make you feel worse and confused, that’s why i say it.

    ‘still don’t know what’s she’s decided upon’

    ‘You’ should decide, Why should she decide? if she has already finished the Relationship then actions speak louder than words, you shouldn’t have to wait for her to make her mind up because she already has (through her actions). You should lead, decide its over and done with for peace of mind.

    Its good you are coming to terms with it and looking forward, its never been easy for me to just tell anyone including my friends to move on but your doing the right thing. Exes can dangle us for a long time to make themselves feel better (not us) only to say 3 months later “i know i took 3 long months but i’m not coming back”.

    Focus on the new ladies and have a great time with them instead mate, wish you luck 😉 And Good post 🙂

    • Your right I have to cut myself off, hard to do with facebook, especially since she is in such an interesting part of the world. We are so still easily connected. But yes, I need to lock it.

      DECIDING UPON staying in the country, pursuing her dream, or as she states it “the only reason I would come back would be for you” which is not true she has a lot of friends and family here. The truth is she is not choosing me or working with me on these dreams,

      And as far as these new ladies, I should be open to the possibilities, summer is going to be awesome! Thanks Jay

      • I remember way back getting my bro to change my password on facebook to lock it. I Must have stayed away from the damn thing for about 5 months straight lol. My ex deleted me and blocked me during breakup, at the time that helped me to move on however.

        I see about the deciding part, misunderstood it. Am glad you see the truth behind it all. One day she’ll remember you for letting her go and letting her be happy where ever she goes.

        Single life and summer definitely be awesome, bring on the summer! 🙂 Cheers

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