Bump in the Road


Well i got an email from the ex., saying she would love to talk to me., when I am ready. I am sure it is to let me know of her plans, and I am assuming she is wanting to stay there. I just went on a date last night, strange coincidence that my ex emails me the next day. The girl that I went on a date with, i am not that into to be honest and she invited me to an Irish dance on Sunday.  So the question is am i prepared to talk/skype with her, I have been making such good progress in moving on.  I want to know what she has decided upon and what she wants to do with her stuff, and my heart is tugging at me and going through the scenarios.  But I don’t want to be back in that place, I don’t think I deserve round 2 of the pain.  I never deserved this in the first place, yes I had my flaws, but this is mostly about what is going on with her, she was the one that wanted the breakup. She was the one that didn’t value my love. She was the one that had changed so rapidly, not me. I gave love, I gave a lot for her to help her follow her dreams, I was loyal to a fault.  I think i have to put my armor on and march in.


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