And so it goes..

And so it goes..

As I write this I am crying, my ex graduated today, something that I knew was her dream and I made a huge move to make sure that this happened and we happened. As well I helped her sister move her stuff this weekend, of course next weekend I am moving myself and may give and additional clean slate to it all, or could backfire on me as the place I am moving into is where we planned on moving in there together.

I have been doing well, except now when I am writing this, things are flooding back, her stuff moving out this weekend, and ย her graduating today. It is a bump in the road, and the road ahead looks to be pretty damn good. That being said it is her birthday in a couple weeks, do I send her an online card? She is taking a trip with my little sister to Ethiopia in a few weeks and then at the end of the summer on our anniversary date, she will be back in my life for a few days, likely wanting to go the event where it all started. I am having a hard time jumping this hurdle today.

That being said, I have some prospects in the works this week, and need to cut this shit out. This summer is going to be amazing, it will in all honesty better than if me and the ex were together. We were getting too boring, comfortable, taking each other for granted while we lived together before she left. There are things that you learn from these life turning events, and I will be a better person, and the next lucky lady will be given that gift all the more for it.


5 thoughts on “And so it goes..

  1. You’re always going to have these feelings, every so often you’re going to get down and think about how much you want to be with them and just have them be there with you, but keep doing what you’re doing and marching on, you’re doing great. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Regardless of the future and whatever happens moving on is always the best route, whatever happens this was a great experience. PS: i would not do the card thing myself, only because you don’t owe an ex anything. That might seem snide at first but keeping communication is just an excuse not to move on in a way. Protect yourself and heal completely first. Good luck bro

    • Hey man of renaissance, what happened to you? You have done NC on us all lol. Okay im kidding ๐Ÿ™‚ Hope everything is going cool with you and life, sounds like your busy with a project. I was hoping we could see some ‘renaissance man’ skills in action ๐Ÿ˜‰ Take care. Jay

      • Thank you Jay for all of your help, it put me in a good perspective on things. THat was a real tough period for me, and I think it was fairly natural for what I had been through. That being said, this summer has been one of the best of my life, way more amazing then I think would have been possible with the little lady. I made lots of new friends, did road trip to Boulder, CO, Winnipeg Canada, and next week Madison, WI. Still trying to balance the work/life thing, but summers are always crazy for my work. Dating- I have dated a few girls, none that i was into, until last week, where I discovered someone that made me realize some things that I had been missing out on with my ex., she appreciates my romantic side and actually enjoys surprises and mysteries and so right now I am very happy with what life has handed to me, amazing how much your perspective can change. That being said the ex. is coming back in a little over a month, I am sure she still has feelings for me, that will be amplified once she arrives back in both of the places that we have lived. The questions now is how do I feel about her, when she comes back in my life briefly.

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